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Aesthetic sensibility, technical boldness, informative accuracy and, mainly, a deep commitment to the stories we tell and social responsibility: together, these elements make audiovisual a powerful tool to transform reality.


Under this premise, Forward | Images That Move works alongside NGOs, social movements, international institutions, companies and public decision makers committed to social justice and also develops independent projects.

The goal: to produce films that address the most pressing social challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Our team of journalists, directors, cinematographers, producers and designers has developed numerous projects in several countries in the region. Watch it:


DOCUMENTARY | This language allows individuals and communities to register their needs, struggles and strategies from their own perspectives, which are ultimately more legitimate, diverse and engaging. It also helps to rebalance the dialogue between people and institutions, challenging the hierarchy that separates funders and beneficiaries of a given project.  


MOBILIZATION | We create campaigns that inspire action online and offline. In this sense, we work alongside activists and specialists, create integral communication strategies and apply a deep knowledge of the newest trends and technologies in audiovisual production.


INSTITUTIONAL | We amplify the voices within institutions, movements and companies in films that contribute to strengthen civil society and the debate over the most urgent issues regarding sustainable development and social justice.


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People first

Video production must strengthen causes and empower people, not the opposite. We are deeply committed to ethical procedures and human rights in our work. We take informed consent, avoid objectifying persons and situations, fact-check our information, care about context and privacy, protect the information that we record and we put human dignity in the first place.

Production for action

Forward communicates to improve realities and propel social justice. All the projects we engage with have the ultimate purpose of promoting effective, visible, and measurable changes and to enhance positive practices and initiatives. That’s why we believe in the construction of strategies together with our partners and clients.

Innovation and technology

We study and adopt the newest equipment and trends in audiovisual production to ensure maximum quality and relevance to our contents. Nonetheless, we believe that the use of new technologies must be politically and socially responsible - in other words, for us, technology is subordinate to the strategies of a given project and must be put at the service of people and causes.

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